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Our family church gives us great opportunities to be church in a new and different way.  We seek to be an open and inclusive church, so that means whatever your creed, colour, social background or sexuality, you will be welcome here.  Our aim is to embrace and embody the values that Jesus stood for.


St Martin's is a home for pilgrims: a seeker, a searcher, an explorer.  How do we say YES! to life; how do we live life in all its fullness?   We believe that through the radical message of Jesus, there is great wisdom to be found;  there are life-changing pointers to discover along the way.   Why make this journey on our own when we can do it with the support, the help and the encouragement of friends and family.  So if you have a pilgrim heart, come join us at St Martin's. So we can go on this amazing journey together.   


St Martin's is a home for prodigals; over the years many people have drifted away from the church and the faith.  Some have in the past  had a bad experience of bad religion. They have been hurt, disappointed; they are part of the walking wounded.  And yet still, there is often a need to belong.  A need to find a spiritual home. If this could be you, be assured that a warm welcome awaits you at St Martin's.


In our church, every person is valued, every opinion respected.  And every person has an important part to play in our church family.  So whether you are a pilgrim or a prodigal, come check us out.


Bill Wishart's Ordination

It's hard to believe that more than 6 years has passed since my ordination and induction to St. Martin's. It has been a true privilege to serve with the wonderful folks here and I look forward to spending many more years in this wonderful church.

My induction service was so special and many people commented on the wonderful welcome they received and how friendly St. Martin's is and what a beautiful church we have.

If you want to experience a bit of what the service was like then click on the video opposite, and watch out for a wee cameo (37 mins & 48 secs) from my, then, 3 year old grandson Fraser during the right hand of fellowship.


Rev Bill Wishart



Worship and Fellowship. Sundays 11am


We are a welcoming church in Edinburgh, using contemporary music and an informal style of worship.  We are each on our own Christian journey, whether we are new to the faith or re-discovering the radical message of Jesus.   We'd love to welcome you in person to one of our Sunday gatherings, or mid-week events.


We meet together in a contemporary and flexible church building on Magdalene Drive, Edinburgh.  We believe that God has led us here to reach out to others in this community. And that he walks with us on our journey of faith.  

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A Church for our community


At St. Martin's we believe that a big part of our mission is to be an active part of our community and we do this in many ways. We host the meetings of the Magdalene Community Forum and our Community Cafe and Community Cinema initiatives are touching places with the people we seek to serve. But above all we are here for our people in times of joy and sadness and everything in between.

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