Following in the footsteps of our saint

You may have noticed that a picture of a Roman Soldier figures prominently on our site but you may not know why. Well the soldier is none other than St. Martin himself who, as a young man, was required to do military service in the Roman Army. Legend has it that while stationed in Gaul (modern-day France), he experienced a vision, which became the most-repeated story about his life. One day as he was approaching the gates of the city of Amiens, he met a scantily clad beggar. As giving away his whole military cloak would have resulted in the equivalent of a Court Martial he impulsively used his sword to cut his cloak in half to share with the man. That night, Martin dreamed of Jesus wearing t

St Martin's Parish Church, 4 Magdalene Drive, Edinburgh EH15 3DB

Serving the community of Magdalene, Bingham, Duddingston, The Jewel and surrounding areas.   A congregation of the Church of Scotland: Scottish Charity Number: SCO13918

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